With our rich industrial experience and in depth domain expertise, we have established ourselves as a renowned manufacturer, importer, exporter and trader of various agrochemicals, bio fertilizers technical & formulations, bio pesticides, bio ...Read More
organic pesticides
Bio Fungicides
Seaweed Extract
Agriculture Emulsifiers
Bio Bactericide
Potassium Humate
Nitrobenzene Emulsifier
Amino Acid Mixture Powders & Liquid
Plant Hormones
Wetting & Spreading Agents
Silicon Surfactants
Liquid Formulations For Agriculture
Granular Organic Fertilizers
Biological Crop Proectants
Bentonite Granules
Bentonite Powder
Precipitated Silica
Agricultural Fertilizers
Potassium Humate Crystals
Hormones and Enzymes
Bio Fertilizers
Protein Hydrolysate
Karanja Oil
Agro Chemicals
Micronutrient Fertilizer
Humic Acid
Activated Bleaching Earth
Antioxidents Food Preservatives
Thermal Activated Bleaching Earth
Activated Carbon Powder
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