Micronutrient Fertilizer

Dispersing Agents

Approx Price: Rs 100 / Litre 
Product Details:
  • Function: Disperse Organic Pigment
  • Packaging Size: 200 kg
  • Packaging Type: Barrel
  • Form: Liquid

We are leading manufacturer of Dispersing Agents.

Copper Sulfate

Approx Price: Rs 150 / Kilogram 
Product Details:
  • Packing: HDPE Bags
  • Molecular Formula: CuH10O9S
  • Formula Weight: 249.68
  • Water Solubility: 320 g/L (20 deg C)
  • Purity: 98%+/- 2%
  • Cu Content: 24%

We supply Copper sulfate . It is a blue solid when hydrated (attached to water molecules). When hydrated, it normally has five water molecules attached to it. It can be dehydrated by heating it. When water is added to it, it gets hydrated again. When it is in air, it absorbs water vapor and becomes hydrated, too. Copper sulfate pentahydrate can be dehydrated by heating. Serves as a weak oxidizing agent.

Uses: As a herbicide, fungicide and pesticide

Copper sulfate pentahydrate is a fungicide. However, some fungi are capable of adapting to elevated levels of copper ions.Mixed with lime it is called Bordeaux mixture and used to control fungus on grapes, melons, and other berries.Another application is Cheshunt compound, a mixture of copper sulfate and ammonium carbonate used in horticulture to prevent damping off in seedlings. Its use as a herbicide is not agricultural, but instead for control of invasive aquatic plants and the roots of plants near pipes containing water. It is used in swimming pools as an algicide. A dilute solution of copper sulfate is used to treat aquarium fish for parasitic infections, and is also used to remove snails from aquariums. Copper ions are highly toxic to fish, so care must be taken with the dosage. Most species of algae can be controlled with very low concentrations of copper sulfate. Copper sulfate inhibits growth of bacteria such as Escherichia coli.

Correction of Copper Deficiency in Soils

Where copper deficiency has been confirmed by soil analysis or field diagnosis, whether in plants or animals, it can be corrected very simply either by applying 50 kg copper sulphate per hectare in the form of a fertiliser before sowing or by spraying the foliage of the young cereal plants, when they are about 150 mm high, with 750 grams copper sulphate (dissolved in from 400 to 2,000 litres water) per hectare. The soil application has generally given the better results and has the advantage that it may have a residual effect for more than ten years. The foliar application has to be given annually to each crop. An alternative is to add a copper containing slag (normally about 1% to 2 % copper) at a rate of a tonne to the hectare.

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